Top Free Music Apps: Spotify, Jango, Pandora, More

Music is sweet medicine for the soul. The only thing that could make listening to music better is if you could do it at no cost. Well, we’ve got fantastic news for you. We’ve scoured the internet and found several ways to listen to free music online without downloading music files or paying for anything. Grab your disco suit; it’s time to boogie.

What to Expect From Free Music Services

Before we barrel forward and listen to music, it’s essential to understand what you should expect from a free music streaming service.

Most free services have limitations or they’re supported by intermittent audio advertisements. This means that your listening may be interrupted by the occasional company trying to sell you products.

Additionally, you may be able to choose from only a limited selection of music or, as with most services we found, you’ll be unable to listen offline with a free account.

Many of the streaming services we’ll discuss offer paid and free tiers, so you can choose to upgrade and lose any limitations in the process. Free music with ads and restrictions, or a paid subscription with unlimited access — the choice is yours.


The green giant known as Spotify needs no introduction to the music-loving community. The Swedish company has been streaming music around the globe for over a decade and a half. If you’re looking for a free music streaming service and don’t wish to comb through multiple options, You can stop at Spotify, knowing that you’ve likely found the best.

Listeners can jump on board Spotify’s free plan without ever needing to spend a dime. Listen to music via the downloadable app or your favorite web browser. The Spotify free tier will subject you to occasional ads, and there’s limited on-demand playback, so you may be forced to listen to playlists in shuffle mode. There’s also no offline listening with the free tier.


The French online music streaming service Deezer has been around for…

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