This Week’s $72 Grocery Shopping Trip (+ what we ate!)


I used the eggs I got on sale last week, plus cheese on sale this week, and sausage (on sale — in the freezer) to make Frittata.

I froze the pizza dough I had gotten marked down and pulled it out and used a little extra leftover spaghetti sauce I had saved from making spaghetti recently + the cheese on sale to make cheese pizza.

I had gotten potatoes on sale, sweet potatoes marked down, plus had some carrots and sausage so I made a sheetpan dinner — I just drizzled with olive oil and baked!

I’ve been loving the marked down bagged salads I’ve been finding to use for lunches.

I used the chicken I got on sale recently + $1 frozen green beans + the marked down Stovetop Stuffing mix I got last week to make Chicken Stuffing Casserole (I made my own cream soup).

A follower sent me a recipe for these Apple Banana Oat Muffins.

While the recipe didn’t make that much, Kierstyn enjoyed them and I loved that it was such a versatile recipe.

I was under budget last week, so I had a few extra dollars to spend on groceries this week — and I was excited to find some great deals including Happy Baby products marked down, Beef Broth marked down to $0.25/can, peanut butter for $0.99 /jar, Annie’s mac & cheese marked down, more cheese on sale, oats marked down, salad marked down, eggs marked down, plus more!

The Sunbelt bars are $1.49/box when you buy 5 or more participating items. We really love these so I grabbed up three more boxes.

And I was excited that avocados were on sale for $0.47 each with the digital coupon!

Also, butter is on sale for $1.97 with the digital coupon. You can get up to five pounds, but I just got 3 pounds because I already had three pounds on hand. And cheese is still on sale for $4.99 per 32 ounces!

Lunch for the littles — We’ve been…


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