These 22 Employers Offer Jobs that Pay for College

A competitive labor market means employers are in wooing mode. Expect to see more companies offering better perks and benefits as competition remains high for workers to fill vacant jobs.

One of the most valuable of those perks: full or partial college tuition paid by your employer.

We found a few companies that pay for a full ride in higher education. More common are assistance programs that reimburse or cover a capped annual amount toward a degree at a community college, technical school or four-year college. Many companies partner with certain schools — some brick and mortar, some online — so you can’t necessarily get your degree anywhere you choose.

Here are 22 companies that help pay for college and some particulars on each program.

Jobs That Pay Your College Tuition for a Four-Year Degree

These programs will help you earn a degree, but there are rules and qualifications to meet.


Amazon’s Career Choice The program offers full tuition support for associates who want to start or continue their education, whether it’s a high school diploma, GED, bachelor’s degree or English as a second language (ESL) proficiency certifications.

Career Choice also provides funding for employees studying aircraft mechanics, welding, medical billing, nursing and other fields. Associates are eligible after 90 days of employment.

Waste Management

Waste Management raised the stakes when it announced it will pay for employees and their children to earn a college degree.

Waste Management offers its 36,000 full-time employees in the US access to more than 170 fully funded programs, including a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree, short-form technology and business certificate programs, and high school completion.

In 2022, it expanded the program and offered to pay for college for around 34,000 children and spouses who can start enrolling in education programs.

Education partners include eCornell, Pathstream, Paul Quinn College, Purdue…

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