The Ultimate Guide to Shopping at Consignment Stores

I love my kids. However, what I don’t love is just how quickly they grow! It seems that they can often outgrow clothes before they even wear out. It can make you feel like you have to purchase new clothes for them every time you turn around. That is not easy on the budget.

One way to keep your kids clothed and not break the bank is to shop your local consignment store or sale. Not only can you find clothes and toys for your younger family members, but you can also actually find items for your entire family!

Consignment stores can offer high-value name brands at prices that you can actually afford and are willing to pay. There are a few things in mind when you shop at these stores, or you can end up getting a “not so great deal.”

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Know the price you would pay for a like item

When we had our 2nd child, I thought that I could help our budget and pick up some sleepers from our local consignment store. After all, with my coupons, I was paying about $5 – $6 for his sleepers. I figured that consignment stores were cheape, so I should shop there. I was wrong.

I found sleeper after sleeper that looked a little worn, had stains or was faded and the price was $4.00+. In fact, the nicest ones that I found that I would have considered purchasing cost $5.00. So, why would I buy a used item when I could pick up a brand new one for the same price?

Using apps, such as Amazonwill help you price items that are new, so you will be able to tell if the price they want is a deal or not.

Knowing what you can pay in a store for a brand new like item with sales/coupons can save you money. Then, you can resell them later and make back some of your money!

Shop your store regularly to keep up with inventory

Since consignment store items are forever changing, it means you will have to make a point of stopping by quite frequently to make sure you don’t miss out on a great item.

As the seasons…

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