The Top 10 Dear Penny Columns of 2022

Dear Reader,

Every week I count on you to send your thorniest money questions my way. And once again, you certainly delivered. Some themes from my inbox in 2022:

  • For the third consecutive year, the most commonly asked question was “Can I get my ex’s Social Security?”
  • The abysmal performance of the stock market had many of you asking: “Should I just cash out already?”
  • Inflation and stagnant wages had a lot of us on edge.
  • As usual, letter writers sought advice about making things work with a partner who’s broke, lazy or both.
  • Inheritances were a hot topic. But lately the burning question has been: “Do I have to share my inheritance with my spouse?”

Got a burning money question? Submit it here.Though I can’t respond to every question, I’ll do my best to answer if I have something helpful to say. Check back on Wednesdays and Sundays to see if I answered your letter. While you’re at it, subscribe to my weekly newsletter for bonus Dear Penny content.

Thanks for reading and for trusting me with your most perplexing money questions. Cheers to a prosperous 2023!



Top 10 Dear Penny Columns of 2022

Before we ring in 2023, let’s look back upon some highlights from the past year. These were the 10 most popular Dear Penny columns of 2022.

1. Can I Stop My Ex-Wife From Claiming Half My Social Security?

Dear Penny,

I was married 22 years. The marriage ended in 2002. When my ex-wife retires, will I be able to collect half of her Social Security? If so, how do I go about that? I am 61; she is 62 now.

Also, would she be able to come after half of my Social Security? How can I prevent the latter? (I earned less than she did.)


Read Dear Penny’s response here.

2. Do I Have to Pay Mom’s Debt With My $1M Life Insurance Payout?

Dear Penny,

My mom passed away last year with lots of debt in her estate. This debt includes a mortgage, IRS tax liens, credit card debts and other heirs who would need to be notified of her…

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