The leak in the ceiling of our bathroom

Ah, the joy of owning a house.

remember Peeling paint on bathroom ceiling I mentioned it last week? I’m sure the paint peeling is caused by the humidity in the shower and lack of adequate ventilation? Okay I’m sorry. The paint is peeling off because our roof is leaking.

It seems to be a small Leak, but it is still a leak.

On Monday morning, I noticed a brown water stain where the paint had peeled off. “I don’t like that,” I thought, and took a picture.

I drove to the family box factory, where my brother and I stayed for a few hours Waiting for mom to be dischargedWhile we waited, we organized her paperwork to make sure everything was in order. We updated her personal financial records. We talked about the future.

Finally, mom no I was discharged from the hospital on Monday, so I drove home in the heavy rain. When I arrived, I checked for water stains on the bathroom ceiling. Have you grown up yet? It has been.

The ceiling of our bathroom is leaking bigger and bigger

So, I ventured into our attic for the first time.

Crawling around in the dark, I managed to find three The roof is leaking. None of them are extreme-no water is poured in anywhere-but it is definitely leaking.

Yesterday morning, I climbed onto the roof to see if I could find the source. I can not. Although I helped install the roof a long time ago-as early as 1993! — I am not a roof expert. I poked on shingles, but I couldn’t find any obvious damage. (Of course, the source of the leak is not always where the leak occurred. The damage may be uphill and running under shingles until the dripping point is found.)

Because our attic has no walkways (meaning I have to move from one joist to another in order to walk there), I bought ten cheap planks at Home Depot. I dragged them from the ladder to the attic, and then nailed them to make it easier to move in narrow spaces. After that, I moved in to observe the leak more closely.

In the end, I decided to have two (possibly three) questions:

  • There is a very small leak-a leak? ——From the chimney. This may be due to a question raised by the housing inspector in August. The seepage wetted the rafters, but I couldn’t find any signs of dripping. The insulating materials and joists below are not wet, and I can’t find anything in the house that would show previous problems.
  • The larger leak that triggered all of this occurred near the solar tube. The wettest area is near the downhill part of the solar tube, which makes sense, but the uphill part of the roof is also very humid. To me, this indicates that the leak may be above the solar tube-or the entire area around the cutout is problematic.
  • The third problem is about 12 inches downhill from the solar tube. This may be the third leak, but it may also be the residual runoff from a larger leak uphill. I have no idea.

After wandering on the roof for three hours, I went inside to research the Internet. Is this something I can solve by myself?

I decided that although repairing the leak is not difficult in theory, I am not qualified to solve the problem in the winter in Oregon. If it is summer and I have time to mess up shingles, that’s fine. I want to try. But this is not summer. This is a very humid winter (as always), and I am worried that if I start tinkering, I will make things worse.

I called an expert.

The person who answered the phone at the roofing company asked me some questions about this issue. “It sounds pretty good,” he said. “We will send someone out tomorrow or Thursday. If it sounds simple, he should be able to solve it in an hour or two.” Of course I hope so! It costs US$250 (including the first hour of work), and then US$130 for each additional hour. Of course there are materials.

Although I know that things like this will happen to houses—especially in old houses like ours—I am still a little upset. We just sold a house that needs constant maintenance (although it was never on the roof, which is fun), so I have a little post-traumatic stress disorder. These roof leaks may only be a minor one-time problem. I understand. But my cynical side worried that this was a bad omen.

When we bought this house, Kim and I talked about the future changes we wanted to make. There is not much to do, but we want to solve some bigger upgrade issues.

For example, we hate the carpet in the bedroom. It is an off-white color that easily stains and shows every bit of dirt and debris. Oops. Before we move in, I want to change the carpet. Kim convinced me not to do this. In retrospect, we should do this.

The biggest project we want to solve is to remodel one (or two) bathrooms.We have three bathrooms but no bathtubtub. Because both Jin and I like to take a bath, it’s very troublesome. Now that we will have to repaint the ceiling of the bathroom in the hall, I started to consider using this opportunity to really remodel that room this summer—and do it myself. There is no doubt that this will be a challenge, but I think it might be interesting.

Wait and see…

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