The best place to sell baby clothes

Is there anything cuter than baby clothes?

From baby socks to hats and mittens, everything is cute. As a mother, it is difficult to abandon these precious little things. However, as time goes by (your children are getting older), their stuff becomes bigger and bigger, and you start to run out of space.

So, if you are ready to let some of your child’s cute little baby clothes go, here is a list of the best places to sell baby clothes.

Where can I sell second-hand baby clothes

I remember before my first son was born, he was sitting on the sofa carefully folding all the little things Baby clothes I am going to buy it.When I matched, I really cried with joy Baby socks Because I can’t believe that I am about to bring a life into this world with such small feet. My little guy did not disappoint me. He has the cutest baby feet I have ever seen. Of course, I am a biased mother!

As a minimalist mother, I did not buy too much newborn clothes.This is a good thing because other people Love Buy baby clothes. We have received so many baby clothes for us that our son can’t even wear them all before they grow to newborn size. So we left a lot of baby clothes that were hardly or never used. Since then, I started looking for places to sell baby clothes.

Move up

Move up Is an online consignment and thrift store selling women’s and children’s clothes and accessories. It provides sellers with a “cleanup kit” that allows you to free up closet space by filling the thredUp bag with lightly used items that are no longer needed. thredUp will even provide shipping labels, so you only need to bring the kit to FedEx or USPS. When your products are sold, you can choose to redeem or earn shopping points.

famous brand

famous brand It is another online consignment store where you can buy clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories for the whole family. To become a seller on Poshmark, all you have to do is take a photo of the product you want to sell and upload it. Then, share your list with your network so that shoppers can discover your products. If someone wants to buy your product, Poshmark will send you a prepaid label and you will earn cash when the product arrives.

Facebook market

Selling baby clothes Facebook market It is another good choice. Check your baby clothes carefully and choose ones that are in good condition or still have labels. Next, take some high-quality photos to show the clothes. Now open Facebook Marketplace and click on the “Create New List” tab on the left side of the screen. From here you can upload your photos and add prices and other item details.

True true

If your baby boy or girl (or your generous mother-in-law) likes designer clothes, then True true It may be a suitable place for you to sell. Think of the Gucci jumpsuit or the Burberry sundress. Before you start selling, you must provide some personal information, including your name, email, phone number, and postal code. Next, you can choose to set up a “concierge appointment”, you can ask someone to pick up the goods from your home, or you can print a free shopping label and send your goods.

Where to sell second-hand baby products

If your closet or garage is full of old baby items, such as strollers, slings, monitors, etc., you can also free up some space by selling all these items.

Craig List

If you want to sell some second-hand baby products, Craig List Is a good starting point. To publish a product, simply select the publishing type (sold by the owner), choose a category for your product (“baby and children’s products” or whatever is most relevant), and fill in all the product details, including the image of the item. If buyers are interested in your baby products, they will contact you and you can agree on a price or decide whether to meet.

Former child

When I have baby clothes or equipment to sell, my former child is one of my top consignment stores. Former child Accept everything from baby and children’s clothing to clothing, dance wear, footwear, toys, books, games and all baby products. This is a great one-stop shop when you want to sell items you have used and pick some new items for your kids. To make a sale, just go to the nearest retail store and the clerk will review your product and provide you with a quote. If you accept the offer, you will be paid in cash on the spot.

Good buy gear

If you want a super convenient way to get rid of your Second-hand baby products, Good buy gear It is a good choice. After you have selected the goods you want to sell, you can contact GoodBuy Gear to arrange a time for them to pick up the goods. You don’t need to leave your home. The staff of GoodBye Gear will clean and quality check your items, take pictures, and list your items second hand For online gear, they even recommend pricing. When your goods are sold, if you choose to use GoodBuy Bucks (store credit), you can get up to 80% or 90% of the sales price. I am personally happy to pay a commission of 10% to 20% for this convenience.

Sell ​​those baby products and take back your space

If you are arguing about whether you should sell the baby clothes and baby products you have used, there are many advantages. Not only can you reclaim some of the space, but you can also put the money back in your pocket. And, if you’re debating, don’t wait too long: many websites prefer newer, more fashionable items over items that have been in garages or lockers for the past five years!

— Jessica Martel

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