The Best Package Tracking Apps for the Holidays

This holiday season, there will be packages aplenty on people’s doorsteps.

With many of us gearing up (or already starting) to purchase gifts online, we all need a better way to track packages headed to our front door.

There is no shortage of available apps to help you track packages when you have a tracking number, but with so many options available, which are the best?

We’ve made the decision easy by highlighting the best package tracking apps to keep an eye on your packages this holiday season. Just download a package tracker app and grab your tracking number.

What Is a Package Tracking App?

Rather than switching between shopping apps to track your packages or searching the tracking numbers on the web, you can use tracking apps.

Installing a package tracking app on your smartphone allows you to view all your shipments from multiple sources in one place — no shuffling apps on your iOS or Android device.

Package tracking apps offer varied features, but many share a few similarities that we’ll cover. Our favorite package tracking apps will automatically add new packages to your watch list by linking with your Amazon account or scanning your email for tracking numbers.

We’ve emphasized tracking apps that are free or offer the majority of their features at no cost — just plug in a tracking number to get started.

While all of these package tracking apps are highly recommended, be sure to check out the details of each to find the perfect option for your shopping habits.

Route: The Best Package Tracking App

After hands-on testing with a multiple of package tracking apps for iOS and Android, we selected route as our favorite. This great package tracking app is free and offers a visual map to see where your packages are in transit.

Route offers a beautiful and simplistic interface that is easy to use and integrates well with several email services, including Gmail, Outlook and iCloud. Route will automatically add the package if a…

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