The 10 Best Places for Digital Nomads

Suddenly, the label “digital nomad” is everywhere. Remote workers are now taking their salaries and setting up shops outside of the US and now we’ve got a name for that.

Or at least they’re dreaming about it, and wondering about the best cities for digital nomads.

It’s enticing to envision yourself working remotely from Italy’s Amalfi Coast or dining after work in one of Mexico City’s sophisticated restaurants or even living the expat life on Bali. But a little bit of research shows that achieving the digital nomad lifestyle is not as simple as packing a bag and laptop. It can also be pricey if you have your heart set on a Parisian apartment. Lisbon may fit your wallet better. Oh, and make sure the internet speed is fast enough to handle your workload.

And not every country allows someone to just uproot their lives and move there — to find the ones that do, you’ll need to start looking for three words in particular, “digital nomad visa.”

Don’t give up just yet. There are plenty of countries happy to have remote workers and in many of them, the cost of living — especially rent — is lower than what you would typically pay in the US

Truth is, the money you make from your remote American job might go further someplace else.

What Is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who lives in one country and works in another. They may do all of their work from the country they live in, but they’re working for a company or clients that are based in another country, usually their home country . This work lifestyle has accelerated because more people switched to remote work during the pandemic.

An Investopedia analysis found that as of July 2021, 24 regions offered a digital nomad visa, including countries in Europe and Central America. Often, these countries require certain minimum salary amounts or proof of funds to qualify for the visa. Each country with a digital nomad-esque program may not call it that and will…

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