Surrender is (with Rebecca Leon)

Open hands and open heart are part of it Surrender: 52 times dedicated to letting go and living freely, New book by Rebecca Lyons. Surrender is It’s also about living in the moment. In today’s The Crystal Paine Show, Rebekah and I talked about how it feels to have her child diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, what it is like to live a life of obedience, and how God doesn’t call you to do it. Anything he won’ doesn’t give you strength.

Rebekah and her family brought great encouragement to our family because we went out with confidence and agreed to adopt baby D. Looking at their families and the journey they have gone through, and how they trust the Lord and obey His call is an encouragement to us.

If it is difficult for you to say “yes” and go out with confidence, then Rebekah’s raw honesty in this episode will inject courage into you. do not miss it!

In this episode

[00:37] – Welcome to Crystal Paine Show Today we are honored to have a repeat customer, Rebecca Lyons.

[03:32] ——The greatest happiness in life is to lose your life before you can find it again.

[04:19] – I asked Rebekah how it feels to be diagnosed with Down syndrome in her eldest son.

[09:44] ——”If you could go back to the self you were when you walked this way when you were 26, and know what you know now, what would you say to yourself?”

[12:47] – Rebekah talks directly to a woman who wants to pluck up courage but is scared.

[15:24] -If you feel nudges or whispers or something that keeps coming up, don’t put your hands on it.

[17:34] – We talk about what it feels like to say “yes” to adopting Joy.

[19:20] -Watch your tears.

[23:49] – We continue to talk about answering those who say “how do you do it?”

[28:28] – I asked Rebekah to end by sharing what she looks like “letting go and living freely” in her current life.

[31:50] ——Not living in tomorrow, nor living in yesterday. Still alive today.

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