Success Stories: Bushra


Bushra is a Pakistani expat in Saudi Arabia with 2 children. Already earning 6 figures as a consultant, she wanted to make money with a business that gave her more freedom and flexibility.


She followed every step in Zero to Launch — from finding an idea to launching her first online product — to create a side business in a brand new field.


Bushra earns twice as much from her part-time online business than she does from her full-time job. She’s now planning to take summers off to spend time with her family.


“Zero to Launch helps you create products and courses that sell themselves.” — Bushra Azhar

*Note: This video is from Feb. 2014, before Bushra’s online business exploded

“I was afraid of tarnishing my image”

Although Bushra was earning 6 figures as a business consultant, the busy mother of two wanted more freedom and flexibility in her life. She knew online business could help, but she didn’t want to ruin her reputation with a “spammy online business.”

“I was afraid of tarnishing my image. I have a great Google presence and a corporate blog. If you search my name, you see all these great hits. That’s important because it’s how I get leads for my consulting business.”

Watch how Bushra learned that you can create a credible online business while maintaining a stellar reputation.

She joined Zero to Launch without a business idea

At first Bushra didn’t know what kind of business she wanted to start. Using the techniques taught in Zero to Launch, she came up with several exciting ideas and then tested them for profitability.

“I went through Ramit’s Idea Mapping exercise and came up with 9 different ideas. Then I tested each and killed a few because I realized they wouldn’t work. By the end I was left with one: teaching entrepreneurs about persuasion and negotiation.”

“Why would anyone listen to…

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