St. Patrick’s Day Hacks for Moms Who Aren’t Pinterest Perfect

St. Patrick’s Day can be such a fun holiday! But, if you don’t have a lot of time, or just aren’t crafty, it can be tough to celebrate with your kids. Don’t break the bank, and don ‘t stress about big projects – just use some of these simple ideas to make the holiday special!

This is the simplest craft I have ever done. It took just four hours from start to finish! This is perfect for a last-minute, shoot-i-forgot-it’s-St.-Patrick’s-Day-tomorrow, shirt.

All you need is a shirt (our was $2.97 from Walmart), green acrylic paint (we found ours for $0.50 at Walmart in the craft section), a printed picture of a shamrock that you can cut out, and a foam brush. Search for a large shamrock online. Cut it out and then set it on the shirt. Hold it in place while you brush green paint along the edges. Allow it to dry and you’ve got a simple St. Patrick’s Day shirt!

Fancy pancakes are all the rage on Pinterest right now. I love them! Truth is, I have a hard time just getting my pancakes cooked without burning, so I’m never going to be able to make a fancy pancake. BUT I can dye pancake batter green, and I can use a shamrock cookie cutter to cut out a perfect shamrock! Make breakfast fun on St. Patrick’s Day without needing an art degree with these cute pancakes!

If you want a fun treat to send in the kid’s lunch boxes on St. Patricks Day, we have a super simple solution! Rainbow Twizzlers are sold year-round, and are the perfect treat for this holiday! Add some Rolos for the gold at the end of the rainbow, stick them in a clear treat bag, and twist and tie it shut – and you have the perfect treat! No special skills are needed!

If you need a fast treat, or just get to the end of St. Patrick’s Day and realize you’ve done nothing special, you can whip up this treat in less than five minutes! Lucky Charms Treats. It’s exactly the same as Rice Krispie Treats, you just substitute the rice puffs for Lucky Charms….

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