Songs that won $100,000

Do you or your loved ones have a knack for composing compelling songs? You may be entitled to cash compensation.

Personal injury lawyer, businessman and multi-millionaire John Morgan is looking for memorable clinks. Morgan & Morgan, his law firm empire, is spending a huge amount of US$100,000.

The “Battle of Ding Dong” competition will continue until September 26. This should give amateur musicians enough time to start rhyming some clever lyrics with “for the people” and “pounding the pound”. that’s it. “

“Since 1988, Morgan & Morgan has been fighting for the people and is now arrive The company wrote in a press release.

Check Morgan’s quick video invitation Enter and watch the high-profile lawyers who finally see the fast-changing hip-hop, country, pop and folk music accessories.

Morgan & Morgan is the largest plaintiff law firm in the United States, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with the most concentrated office in the Sunshine State and numerous offices throughout the country.

How to profit from Morgan & Morgan’s $100,000 Jingle Contest

“Whether your style is hip-hop, country, pop, folk or any other style-we want to hear what you can offer,” Morgan said in the video announcing the game. “Your tune may become the voice of our law firm.”

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to submit a song. (The rules stipulate that residents of Alabama or Nebraska must be 19 years old and residents of Mississippi must be 21 years old.)
  • You must be a resident of any of the 50 U.S. states or Washington DC
  • You cannot become a professional musician or songwriter.

In addition, anyone can freely submit songs before the end of Eastern Time on September 26. Here is how to participate:

  1. Create a catchy song about law firms, which must contain the word “for the people” and at least one additional phrase: “Dial the pound law. That’s it”, “the largest injury law firm in the United States” or ””

  2. Upload a video or audio file that is 30 to 60 seconds long, and you (and only you) play the jingle made by you (and only you).

  3. Post the video publicly on your TikTok, Instagram or Twitter account. In the title, be sure to include the #MorganJingleContest tag and @forthepeople tag.

  4. Follow the prompts to submit your entry on the Morgan Jingle website, which requires links to your social media posts and/or recording files.

The fine print on the contest website reveals some extra gold nuggets that can guide your submission to the reputation of the music law firm.

Your song or video should not contain profanity or any illegal activity, nor should it promote violence, guns or weapons. You also must not slander (or use legal terms, belittle or slander) any person, brand, product or company.

This means that although Morgan is known for his outspoken advocacy of legalization of marijuana, if it is illegal in your area, then you should not smoke marijuana in the video.

The judges will score based on creativity (40%), memory and attractiveness (40%), and presentation (20%). The judges will make their final decision on October 10th, and the winner will be notified “around” October 12.

“In this unprecedented period, our community is in financial trouble. We hope that this $100,000 cash reward can significantly change someone’s life,” John Morgan said in the announcement.

Adam Hardy is a former writer of The Penny Hoarder, who specializes in the story of the gig economy. He graduated from the University of South Florida, majoring in journal journalism and sociology.

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