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Just for fun, Jesse and I took the popular “Share your assumptions about me” Instagram story idea and turned it into a podcast episode. We asked people to share their assumptions about us, and then we selected some of them to respond/react.

We solved the following assumptions: Jessie will be nervous on podcasts, we never yell or fight, we don’t have pets, we eat a lot of ice cream, we are wilder and crazier than we said, I wear pants at home , We never curse, we want our children to follow the way we grew up, we met at a Christian university, etc.

In this episode:

[00:33] We are now processing your hypothesis based on popular Instagram story ideas.

[03:23] Does Jesse get nervous when answering questions on the podcast?

[04:16] Some people think that Jesse and I have never yelled or made loud noises to children.

[05:59] Is our family very close and always together?

[08:39] We do have a pet. A hedgehog.

[10:30] Are we a funny couple?

[11:20] Another follower assumes that we are gun lovers.

[12:53] We did not meet at the Christian College.

[13:53] We must have quarrels and disagreements.

[16:40] Some people think we are wilder and crazier than we admit.

[21:14] Another assumption is that we want our children to follow the lifestyle we grew up in.

[23:31] Is Jesse cleaner than me?

[25:45] Which of us is quieter than the other?

[31:36] Are we cursing?

[34:18] Television is not a big deal in our house.

[36:01] Many people have assumptions about who wears pants at home.


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