Should You Use It to Find Employees?

There’s no question. LinkedIn is the most prominent business networking site on the planet, and it’s not even close.

Tens of millions of business professionals have active accounts on LinkedIn. And the site has grown beyond social networking for business to include a well-rounded selection of hiring tools and a job board that competes with some of the top job-search sites.

But how important is business networking to help you find new employees? Will you need to run an adjacent hiring campaign on a more traditional job board?

Pros and Cons

There’s a lot to like about LinkedIn, especially compared to other social networks (many of which are viewed as too casual and personal for business networking).

But the site is far from perfect, especially when its job search products are compared to other job search sites.

  • It’s the largest social network for professionals
  • It combines business networking with a job board
  • LinkedIn offers employer branding tools and visibility
  • It attracts more than 50 million weekly users
  • Job posting is pricey compared to other job boards
  • It’s still considered lacking for entry-level and blue-collar jobs
  • The social networking component deters some job prospects from joining
  • Poor transparency in pricing

An Overview of LinkedIn

LinkedIn didn’t start out with the idea of ​​being just another Facebook app or rival social network. The San Francisco company started out filling a need for people who wanted to keep business from being too personal.

While it has added job search and recruiting tools to round out its offerings, professional networking is still what it does best.

The LinkedIn website says it has registered more than 850 million users worldwide, and 188 million in the US alone. Each week, about 50 million users visit the website.

It was likely similar numbers and projections that caught the eyes of Microsoft when it purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 billion back in 2016.

Though it was Microsoft’s…

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