Should You Get a Second Credit Card? 4 Things to Consider

Consumers opened 233 million new credit card accounts in the second quarter of 2022 — the highest seen since 2008, according to a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

You might be looking at your own wallet and wondering: Should I get a second credit card?

It turns out having two credit cards might be better than one.

Getting another card can help you save on interest or rack up reward points.

It can also provide a particular benefit your current card doesn’t offer, or add a little cash back to your pocket each month.

In this guide, we explain when it makes sense to get a second credit card — and when it doesn’t.

We also discuss what to look for when shopping for a second card so you can pick one that meets your financial needs.

4 Reasons to Get a Second Credit Card

Trying to decide if another card is right for you?

Here are four times when it makes sense to add a second piece of plastic to your wallet.

1. Your Credit Score Has Improved

A higher credit score makes you eligible for better credit cards. You’ve demonstrated you can manage a credit card responsibly without racking up debt. Credit card issuers like that.

You’ll have a wider selection of cards to choose from with a credit score above 700. Perks can include a lower interest rate, more robust rewards, enhanced benefits and overall better terms.

If you’ve been working hard to build your creditgetting a second card with better terms can be a smart move.

2. You Want Better Rewards

Two credit cards can help you earn rewards faster than one.

You can also use a second card to earn rewards and benefits your first card doesn’t offer.

If you’ve been traveling more lately, for example, getting a rewards card with your favorite airline or hotel chain could help save you money on airfare and lodging. Or you might consider getting a second card that offers 3x reward points on all grocery and restaurant purchases.

You can pair a credit card that offers basic cash…

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