Sell ​​from your own platform to algorithm-proof your business

Sometimes it feels like a never-ending cycle.

Pay for Facebook ads (or Instagram ads or sponsored tweets or YouTube ads), watch your traffic get a bump, close a few sales, repeat.

Or maybe you’re working hard at creating YouTube videos and posting perfect Instagram pictures. Maybe you’re getting a ton of traffic from Pinterest. You spend hours crafting content, picking the right descriptions, and filling in all the meta-data. And it works. Traffic is coming in — and so are the sales.

Then your third-party platform hits you with an algorithm update.

Whether you’re paying for ads or just smart about how you post your content, an algorithm change shakes up the entire game. And just like thatyour traffic is gone and you have to figure out how to replace all those leads.

Whose platform are you building, anyway?

While building your following on third-party platforms can be a way to drive traffic to your website and covert sales, the reality is that every time you put content elsewhere, you’re building someone else’s business.

If you’re spending time and energy on YouTube, for instance, and that’s where your best content lives, you’re interacting with your community and potential customers on someone else’s terms.

“You don’t have control over someone else’s platform,” says Ashley Patrick, a money coach and founder of Budgets Made Easy. Patrick sells a workbook and an e-book on her website, and she finds that selling from her own email list is more effective than just hoping for conversions from third parties.

“I have control over my sales and my content,” says Patrick. “I can set up automations and know my content will be reliably delivered.”

When you spend time on a third-party platform, you don’t know for sure that potential clients will see your posts. And, even worse, if an algorithm changes, or if your channel is demonetized for some reason, you could lose everything .

And never forget…

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