Seasonal Election Jobs Bring in Extra Cash

You want to make a few extra dollars and the American election process makes that possible. And those extra dollars could stretch into the hundreds for just a couple days’ work.

With a day of training — that you can get paid for too — you can be one of those people who checks IDs and make sure people are voting in the right place. That’s a poll worker and is just one of several positions to be filled during the election season. Even high school students can get in on the action.

This is a mid-term year, and there are primaries still to be conducted leading up to election day on Nov. 8. With widespread early voting across the country, seasonal election workers are needed for multiple days.

Election boards still need workers to make the election work properly, even though more and more people are voting by mail. Election supervisors will increasingly need help processing those ballots and your county elections office can provide more information as those needs grow.

5 Seasonal Election Jobs

  • poll worker
  • High school poll worker
  • Election technician
  • Election coordinator or supervisor
  • Campaign canvasser

1. Poll Worker

You see them when you go to your polling place to vote. You encounter two or three people, often older people, who check your identification, ask you to sign your name, and hand out your paper ballot or instructions for an electronic ballot.

Those people are paid to provide guidance to voters. Poll workers require a day or two of training, and must be available all day for primaries and elections. “All day” means from an hour before polls open to an hour or two after polls close .

Poll workers do not work 14 hours straight, but they are required to be available for those times for scheduling purposes.

The US The Election Assistance Commission has gathered all the information from each of the states and territories involved in federal elections. They include some basic questions, such as:

  • Are you a registered voter?…

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