Rocksbox review: I am totally honest!

Looking for truly honest Rocksbox reviews? If so, please check out my latest thoughts after using this service for a few years! Also, be sure to scroll to the bottom to get the Rocksbox promo code, which provides you with a free trial box!

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Many years ago, I had the opportunity to try Stone box — Jewelry rental membership service, dedicated to making your life easier and more fashionable.

At first I was not sure what I thought of this service, it seemed a bit weird (rental jewelry?? Who did it?!) Kohl’s customs clearance frame! ). But I tried it, so that I can let everyone truly understand my experience with this service.

It’s been more than 5 years since my first experience Stone box, I have used it many times over the years. They have also made a lot of updates over the years, so I think it’s time to update the honest Rocksbox review!

Rocksbox promo code

How does Rocksbox work?

1. Register one Stone box account. (If you use my Rocksbox promo code Save money momxoxo At checkout, you will get a completely free first month! )

2. Answer a few questions about your likes and dislikes. For example, I said that I mainly wear silver jewelry and don’t want them to give me a ring (because I have only worn two-my wedding ring and a 10th anniversary ring).

3. Add the work to your wish list. This is a way for your stylist to better understand your likes and dislikes. They recommend that you add at least 15 items to your wish list. Your stylist will try to choose at least one from your wish list and put it in your box. The Rocksbox set is planned for you based on your style profile and wish list.

4. Then they plan a box for you and let you know. You will have 24 hours to get a sneak peek to see what they have chosen for you, and choose to replace any items you don’t like and switch to the ones you like better (I like this feature!)

Model wears Rocksbox earrings

5. In about a week, you will receive a box of jewelry. Your box will contain three different pieces of jewelry. You can keep this box of jewels as needed.

6. You can keep and wear your Stone box Pieces, as you like. You can return your box at any time, as many times as you want, and they will send out a new set immediately. No matter how often you change the box, you will need to pay the same monthly membership fee ($21/month).

7. When you are ready to buy a box of new jewelry, you only need to send the current jewelry box back. In another week or so, you will receive another email to give you a sneak peek, and if you want, you can choose to change the contents of the box. (Note: Please be sure to ship all parts back. If you keep one, you will be charged a fee because it indicates to them that you want to buy it.)

8. You can buy any jewelry you receive at a discounted price. Every month, you can choose to use the 21 USD membership fee as points for the purchase of a piece of jewelry. (This credit will not roll over every month.)

Wrap the bracelet on your wrist and put it on your pants

Make the most of Rocksbox’s skills

Be sure to add jewelry to your wish list. Before I got the first box, I added 15 jewels to the wish list. My stylist chose the bracelet I picked and made a set of jewelry around it. When I saw what was in my first box and fell in love with Kendra Scott earrings, I added more Kendra Scott items to my wish list for future use.

Be sure to keep the original box of your jewelry. I find that putting the jewelry directly back in the cute little box when I am not wearing it is the safest way to ensure that it will not be lost or damaged. *

Be sure to leave feedback to your stylist. Just like Suture repair, The stylist will make a future box that suits your style as much as possible based on your feedback.After receiving the jewelry box and wearing the jewelry, please log in Stone box And share your feedback on the work sent to you so that your stylist understands what you like and dislike.

*notes: If you want to know what happens if a piece of jewelry is damaged, their website says this: Your membership includes a small insurance premium, which includes normal wear and tear of all products. If there is slight damage or wear (for example, missing earrings, falling stones, etc.), it is completely covered. However, we will evaluate the damage when returning to the warehouse, because excessive damage is not covered by the insurance.If you have any damage or loss, please don’t worry, but please send an email to [email protected].

My updated rockbox review

My honest Rocksbox review


In my completely honest review of Rocksbox, the first is all the positives!

You can get the first month for free! Get a completely free month Sign up And use my Rocksbox promo code Save money momxoxo At checkout. Please remind you on your calendar to cancel your subscription before the end of 4 weeks, in case you think it is not for you. I don’t want you to be charged when you expect it to be free!

Shipping and returns are always free! I like that shipping is included in the membership price of $21, and you don’t have to pay for the return shipping!

It is a high-quality jewelry. In the past few years, Stone box Really improved their quality, all their jewelry is now plated with real gold and/or silver! They also launched a semi-premium collection, which includes higher-quality jewelry, 18k gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry, and exclusive designer brands.

You can keep the jewelry as you want. Decide whether you want to wear it for a week, a month or longer! How long can each box be kept, and send it back when you are ready to receive the new box. No matter how many times you send it back for a new box, you will pay the same $21/month membership fee.

You can cancel at any time. If you decide not to like it at any time, you can easily cancel the membership in your account. You will not be locked into paying for an ongoing monthly subscription.

Kate Spade necklace

This is great for people who need to be on camera or on stage every week. If you often make videos, media or public speeches, this may be a good choice for you. For only $21 a month, you can get new jewelry to change your appearance regularly-no need to go out and buy jewelry. I like how jewelry changes the appearance of clothing!

It gives you the opportunity to try new looks and styles. I have received many styles of jewelry, unless I tried it, I would never think I would like it! I am pleasantly surprised by many works!

The stylist will help you understand what goes together. Okay, this is my true confession: I often have a hard time knowing what to wear with jewelry. When I combine a bracelet, earrings, and necklaces together, I always wonder if I violated the “jewelry rules” and these combinations are not packaged together. I like my stylist telling me that she can wear three pieces together. It’s like, “Finally! Someone told me that if I put these three things together, I won’t break any rules, and I won’t always claim that I am not a fashionista!!!” 🙂

Rocksbox Jewelry has not been opened yet


If I want to be completely honest in the Rocksbox review, I must give you some shortcomings too! Although the number is small, I have noticed the following points:

It’s expensive. You know I’m going to say this, don’t you? ? 😉 As a usually from Kohl’s clearance shelf With Versona, his idea of ​​trying to pay less than $5 for each piece of jewelry and $21 a month to rent jewelry is just, well, a lot of money.

Others wear jewelry. This may not be weird to you, but to me, it is a bit weird to think that the jewellery I wear is likely to be worn by someone else. They said it has been disinfected and looks brand new to me, but it is still true.

You may damage or lose it. This may be one of my biggest hesitations about this service. As the child’s mother, the things in our house are broken. This is just inevitable. And I have to be extra careful to make sure that I put all the jewelry directly back into the box it came in, so that I don’t damage or lose it and be charged for it.

Honest Rocksbox review: my updated thoughts

Rocksbox promo code: get one month for free!

If you are interested in Try this service yourself, You can use my Rocksbox promo code Save money momxoxo At checkout Get a completely free month!

Please remind you on your calendar to cancel your subscription before the end of 4 weeks, in case you think it is not for you. I don’t want you to be charged when you expect it to be free!

Rocksbox promo code

Hush!Must see mine Rocksbox unboxing on FB Live Take a look at some jewels on the spot + more of my honest thoughts!

Have you tried this service before? If so, I would love to hear your honest Rocksbox review in the comments!

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