Reasons Why Your Credit Card Was Declined

If you’re reading this, chances are you just had your credit card declined. Now that you’re recovering from the embarrassment and found another way to pay, you’re probably trying to figure out — why exactly was my credit card declined?

But before you spiral into a panic, or angrily call up your card issuer, hear this: Getting your credit card declined doesn’t always mean the worst has happened — and there are plenty of other reasons a credit card can be declined beyond a general lack of funds. You know you are the authorized user and have been making your credit card payments.

Could it be credit card fraud? Likely not.

So why was your card specifically declined? Here are seven of the most common reasons credit cards get declined, plus our best tips for getting the whole shebang resolved as quickly as possible.

7 Reasons Your Credit Card was Declined

There are lots of reasons your credit card may have been declined. Here are seven of the most common ones.

1. Your Card Hasn’t Been Activated

If you’ve recently received a new credit card in the mail and haven’t properly activated it before trying to make a purchase, then it’s entirely possible your card will get declined. Most new credit cards will come with instructions on how to activate them , usually either by logging into your account online or by calling the number listed on the card.

2. Your Card Is Expired

Another all-too-common reason credit cards get declined? They’ve surpassed the expiration date. If your credit card was just declined and you have no idea why, check the date on the card to ensure it’s still valid. This will poke holes in the thought that it can’t be the credit card’s expiration date even if you thought that was a couple years away.

3. You Hit Your Credit Limit

This is usually the most dreaded reason a card gets declined, and it does happen. Maybe you made a large purchase and forgot just how close that would bring you to your credit limit,…

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