Ramada Will Pay You $10K to Travel the World as Its Chief Eats Officer

Are you the foodie who documents every meal on TikTok and Instagram?

How’d you like to do what you love while getting paid $10K to travel the world?

Man, have we got a mouthwatering dream job for you.

The worldwide hotel chain Ramada by Wyndham is launching a global search for a new “CEO” — Chief Eats Officer, that is.

This one lucky individual will jet around the globe for three weeks, staying at the chain’s 900 or so hotels, exploring the intersection of food and culture while lavishly documenting it all in videos and blog posts.

Ramada operates in more than 60 countries, so think sizzling street tacos in Mexico, chimichurris in Argentina, fish curry with coconut in Sri Lanka, roasted pig in Bali.

For this culinary world tour, Ramada is looking for a food-obsessed, social-media-savvy adventure seeker. Ready to pack your bags? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Become the Chief Eats Officer

Is this your dream job? Then you’d better apply for the gig with the coolest video you can come up with by Nov. 14.

The “CEO” will be chosen by mid-December. If you’re picked, you’d do your thing and immerse yourself in international culinary delights for a few weeks sometime between May and August 2023 — plenty of notice to take time off from your real job!

You can apply via TikTok or email. (Frankly, we’d probably recommend TikTok. After all, the whole point of this gig is to be a brand ambassador on social media.)

Your video should be one to three minutes long and in English. Make sure to mention what country you’re from. (You must be a legal resident of the United States, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Thailand, New Zealand, Turkey or the United Kingdom.)

What Are the Qualifications?

As Chief Eats Officer, you’d be expected to shoot videos for social media and also write blog posts and travel tips for all the destinations you’d be visiting. Your work would be featured on Ramada’s…

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