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Meal delivery services, or meal kits, have been around for more than a decade but have grown in number in recent years.

You’ve seen the commercials and likely received the direct mailers to your door. And if you live in an apartment building, you might have almost tripped over the 30-plus-pound boxes in the hallway outside your neighbor’s door (the weight from ice packs and filler packaging add up quickly).

The direct-to-door business has grown from one or two big-name players and expanded to include many different companies, food options and plans for any budget. The pandemic helped exacerbate the trend when people grew weary of heading out to the supermarket. And there are no signs of slowing down: Meal kits are expected to become a $7.6 billion market in the United States by the year 2024.

If you’re looking to take a break from trips to the store or grocery deliverytake a chance on a cheap meal kit service.

What is a Meal Kit?

A meal kit is a box or other container that holds items you need to create meals. Depending on the the plan you choose — most offer a set amount of meals for each week for a certain amount of people — you’ll receive meals weekly, unless you choose another delivery option.

Typically, a meal kit is made up of:

  • Ingredients (vegetables, meat and spices, etc.).
  • A recipe for each meal.

Meal kits usually come with ice packs and insulation to help keep meals frozen until you can put them in your freezer. (The effect of this wrapping and packaging on the environment has been an increasing topic of conversation.) Depending on the freshness or best-by dates, they might also come with directions on which meals you should make and eat sooner.

For a regular, set price, you can have meals ready-to-make delivered to your doorstep.

Meal Kits vs. Prepared Meal Kits

Before we proceed, it’s important to make a distinction between meal subscription services: Meal kits and prepared meal kits.

Most companies tend to…


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