Origami envelopes and other novel ways to give gifts

Insider: Origami is an interesting project, very suitable for homemade money gifts. Try these origami money gift ideas and donate money to special people in your life in a unique way.

Want to be creative by giving gifts this holiday? Maybe you want to give a unique homemade gift, or you are looking for an interesting gift tag or special packaging box to personalize the gift. Learn how to use origami to add a touch of color to this year’s holiday gifting.

What is origami?

First of all, what is origami?

Origami, also known as paper folding, is the art of folding paper into different two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. The word “origami” comes from Japanese. Oru, Which means “folded”, and we, Means “paper”.

How do you start making origami?

If you are interested in using the art of origami to add some fun to your holiday gifts, but you are a complete novice, you can use a lot of simple resources online. With a quick Google, YouTube or Pinterest search, you will find hundreds of useful resources that will guide you step by step.

this is A resource It is the starting point when I study all things origami. It starts by teaching some basic folding techniques, and provides some simple diagrams and instructional videos.

What supplies do I need to make origami?

Depending on where you are searching and what they are trying to sell you, this answer will be different! When it really boils down to it, all the origami you need is paper. You can use any old paper, or you can invest in an origami paper book, which can hold the square pages of exquisite thin and thin origami paper.

If you start to seriously consider the idea of ​​creating some origami gifts, then you can perfect your Folding technology, And you want to add some new tools to the collection, you can check the following:

  • Origami folding tool – These look like old-fashioned letter openers, and their purpose is to help you create clear, perfect gold on paper.
  • Paper cutter -If you need to adjust the paper size, this function can help you make beautiful straight cuts.
  • scissors – You can also use a good pair of scissors to adjust the paper size.
  • ruler -If you do not use a paper cutter, but choose to use scissors, the ruler is a very useful tool to help you ensure that the lines are straight.

Money origami dollar bills

Okay, now that we have determined what origami is and what you need to start, now we can start researching the really interesting things. It’s like making origami with money.And the current Americans Dollar bill design Rather than being a perfect square like origami paper is usually, you can still make some impressive origami from crisp rectangular dollar bills.Is there a better way Donate money to gifts?

Origami money gift ideas

Want to know what is the simplest origami design made with US dollar bills?

If you are just a beginner and are looking for a simple design to master dollar bills, you can try Origami Heart, Origami Tree or Origami Bow Tie – all instructions can be found Here. As I said before, you can find any resources about U.S. dollar origami online. Think about the design you want to create, then type it into Google and voila, and it will appear!

Want to make a beautiful origami flower with money, take a look This youtube video Quick and easy tutorial. This video outlines everything you need, and even provides some tips specifically for beginners.

How about an origami butterfly?This is a list Step-by-step instructions Pictures are attached to help you get started.

Origami gift ideas

Origami can be a unique and fun way to incorporate creativity into your holiday gift-giving tradition.You can use it when making Christmas, graduation gifts or even entertainment Teacher’s gift ideas.

Here are some other origami money gift ideas that you can use your newly discovered origami skills to make.

Make an origami gift card holder

If you want to give up standard cards and envelopes, and want more creative and exquisite things, then you can consider making an origami gift cardholder.You can follow this short story video Relevant instructions or These step-by-step written instructions.

Make origami gift tags

I remember my mother (aka Santa Claus) used to go out to buy cute little things Gift tag All our Christmas gifts. Now you can use origami skills to create your own cute personalized gift tags.

For step-by-step instructions on origami gift gift ideas like this, check out the simple content below video.If you feel a little advanced and have a compass circle on your wrist (I have to check what this is), you can transfer This video.

Making an origami gift box

If you have real confidence in origami skills, why not use the origami gift box to push it to new heights? Of course, a gift card holder or gift tag shows that you have some origami skills, but with an origami gift box, friends and family will be impressed, and they don’t even care about the actual gift!

So if you are ready to take it to the next level, please check this Teaching video. I will warn you, this is not a video for beginners, please get ready!

Why spend time on origami gift ideas?

For many people, origami is a relaxed and beautiful art form, very interesting. For others, origami gift boxes or gift boxes may seem like an incredible waste of time and energy.​​​ So, why spend some time on these origami gifts with just a small amount of money to get a card from the store?

The idea of ​​origami money gift is unique. Origami is a fun, beautiful and unique way that can be used to give money or to personalize gift tags or gift boxes.

They are very creative. If you want to be creative and are looking for new challenges, then look no further. No matter what level you are at, you can find origami shapes that you can master. It can be as simple, complex or complex as you want.

The idea of ​​origami money gift can save money. you could Reduce expenses Things like gift card holders Holiday gift Label so that you can make it yourself. This is fun and cost-effective, a win-win! For more ideas on how to do Christmas on a budget, click here.

-By Jessica Martel (Jessica Martel)

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