My Top 4 Rules for Decluttering Toys


Learning how to declutter toys might sound simple enough, but trust me, it isn’t easy. The problem is that kids like to hold on to things almost as much as some adults do. In fact, kids have a bit more of an emotional attachment to their toys than most adults do to theirs.

Unless my kids are just hoarders, and I’m trying to make up excuses!

I am, however, convinced that most kids would rather keep their old toys somewhere in a drawer than actually get rid of them when they get new ones. In fact, from what I have seen, getting a new toy doesn’t necessarily mean that they are done with the old ones.

It just means that the new one is going to get a bit more attention because it’s new, but soon enough, it will join the roster just like every other toy.

So, depending on your kids to sort out the toys that they do and don’t want might not be the best strategy, but it is a strategy! It’s up to you, the adult in the relationship, to help them learn how to declutter toys.

Here are some tips and tricks I have found to work.

Tips on How to Declutter Toys

Before we get down to business, it’s important to have a few things in mind. The first and most important factor to remember is that not all toys are equal. There are some toys that, although precious to your little one at some point, are quite limiting. The types of toys you keep around the house will determine how creative your kid gets when playing with them.

Let me explain.

Open-Ended Toys

When asked about what kind of toys are best for children, Professor Jeffrey Trawick-Smith, an Early Childhood Education expert at the Center for Early Childhood Education at Eastern Connecticut State University, said this:

“Basic is better. The highest-scoring toys so far have been quite simple: hardwood blocks, a set of wooden vehicles and road signs, and classic wooden construction toys. These toys are relatively open-ended, so children can use them in multiple ways.”

These are toys that allow for maximum…


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