My 6 Goals for 2023

I’m keeping my goals very simple and measurable this year. I’m also breaking them down into weekly goals and will be using my habit tracker to track them plus I plan to do weekly blog posts and Instagram stories sharing my progress, since that is something many of you have asked for.

My hope is to wrap my time and life around things that will matter for years to come, so each of these goals are chosen with this in mind.

Goal #1: Lose .1% Body Fat Per Week

Micah is 6 months old and it’s time to finish losing the baby weight! My body typically loses very slowly the first six months and then once I hit the six-month mark, it comes off more easily. However, I’ve never been 41 before, so we’ll see!

I decided to choose a body fat goal instead of a weight goal because I’m focusing on strength training, eating good protein, getting enough sleep, and overall healthy versus a specific number on the scale. My goal is to take care of my body and health well I can so I can have energy to do what God has called me to.

My plan: I’ll be working out 5-6 days/week using a version of the Mayhem30/Mayhem Moms program that Jesse is putting together for me each day. I’m also tracking my protein, carbs, and fats eaten on My Fitness Pal. And I’m using a Wyze body fat scale to track this.

Goal #2: Have One Family Dinner Per Week

With three teenagers who have work, social activities, and sports many nights, we decided that we’d aim to consistently have one family dinner each week — where we’re all home and we all sit around the table and eat together. And maybe play a game or two, as well.

We are also working on establishing the habit of lunch and reading around the table every day with the three youngest ones — now that Micah is starting to eat solid foods with us

The plan: We plan to look at our calendars…

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