Meet Your Budgeting Method Match With This Personalized Quiz

If you’ve read a bunch about budgeting but still feel lost, you’ve come to the right place. Not all budgeting methods are created equal. And certain strategies for creating and maintaining a budget can be intimidating for beginners or difficult for particular financial situations.

Before starting a spreadsheet or investing in a budgeting binder, take our quiz to set yourself up for success. This quiz asks a few basic questions to determine your preferences and current finances, then makes recommendations for budgeting methods based on your answers.

Which Budgeting Method Is Right for You?

Keep in mind that in some cases, multiple budgeting methods might be the right strategy to get your finances on track. You could start with a more structured strategy to closely track expenses, then gradually taper off to a flexible approach that maintains your budgeting priorities.

So if you see your score is spread evenly across several choices, try incorporating elements of different budgeting methods into your financial planning approach. As with most things in life, budgeting is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Take the Budgeting Methods Quiz

Answer the questions to find which budgeting methods would work best given your preferences and financial situation. Try to choose just one option for each question but if you feel there are two (or more) that apply, jot it down to adjust your final results for a better fit.

Keep track of your answers by the number to figure out your score at the end.

What Is Your Current Financial Situation?

  1. I have a lot of debt and can’t pay my bills on time.
  2. I live paycheck to paycheck and can’t seem to get ahead.
  3. I spend more than I should and struggle to pay bills sometimes.
  4. I’m doing OK, but I’d like to save more.
  5. I honestly have no idea what my bank account balance is or which bills are due.

How Do You Feel About Spreadsheets and Tracking Expenses?

  1. I know some Excel formulas and I’m not afraid. Bring it on!

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