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“The best thing about Zero to Launch was how it was laid out — it was great having a roadmap to follow.” — Paula Rizzo

“I was very disorganized at home. I missed deadlines, forgot appointments…”

Paula is an Emmy Award winning television producer for health segments on Fox News. Her job required her to always meet deadlines and be on top of things.

“Being a television producer, you have to be super organized. TV segments are always running. At any given moment, you have to know what’s coming up next and the exact deliverables to make it happen. Lists are key. I use them all the time to stay on track.”

Paula always uses lists in her job.

However, Paula’s life at home was different than her work life.

“At home, I wanted to be more laid back and ‘easy breezy.’ I didn’t want to use the same lists I use at my job because that would feel like work. So I was very disorganized at home. I missed deadlines , forgot appointments. It was like the opposite of my TV producer self.”

Paula knew this needed to change.

“I started to take the mindset I used as a producer into other areas of my life.”

And little by little, her life started to come together.

“I didn’t know what I had to offer that people wanted”

Paula knew that other people could benefit from her list approach to productivity.

“I wanted to show my technique to others so that they could be more efficient in life.”

Being a television producer for a major network gives you access to many media contacts. So she bounced around numerous ideas with her colleagues.

“A friend of mine, who was an author, told me, ‘If you ever want to write a book, start a blog first to see if you’re interested enough in the content.’ So that’s what I did.”

That’s how her site The List Producer was born.

“I discovered there were lots of people interested in using lists to be more productive in life. It was nice to see there…

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