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“I help students kick ass in law school” — Larry Lee

“I stayed sane and partied hard in law school”

For Larry Lee, law school wasn’t about pulling all nighters and burying his nose deep in books.

“For a lot of students, law school is three years of torture. But I was lucky to have friends who went before me. They steered me in the right direction by showing how to work smarter.”

“Even though I edited the law journal, served as a teaching assistant, tutored first-year students, and worked as a researcher for a few professors, I stayed sane and partied hard. Law school was not a constant, angst-ridden process for me.”

Larry not only completed law school, he crushed it. He graduated magna cum laude and got offers from top firms.

Larry crushed law school.He was a successful lawyer for 9 years. That’s when the entrepreneurship bug bit him.

“I graduated law school and practiced for 9 years. One of the things I thought about doing was starting about my own business. It didn’t necessarily have to do with law, but I wanted to try something.”

“I settled on tutoring law students because that was something I did when I was in school, and something I was good at.”

“I tried building a website in the past, but that crashed and burned”

Eventually, Larry wanted to try something online as a way to scale his tutoring.

“I found a business partner who had online businesses teaching LSAT and other law-related material. I thought this was a good way to get started. I had tried building a website in the past, but that just crashed and burned.”

“So I was working with this other guy to setup a business. We launched a beta product. It was growing, but very slowly. Everyone was frustrated.”

“Over the course of 2 years, we made $30,000. That works out to about $8,000 to $9,000 a year if we split the sales between the two of us.”

Larry would’ve killed to have any kind of roadmap that he could…

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