Meet Karan

“For the first time ever, I see a path where both my living and my hobby can be one” — Karan Bajaj

“I could never figure out how to do writing, a job, and a family”

Karan is a bestselling novelist who loves to write. But his books don’t earn enough to pay the bills, so he has to work a full-time corporate job. With work and family taking up most of his time, it looked as though Karan would have to give up writing.

“I couldn’t write all weekend anymore, and with our family’s expenses increasing, I couldn’t quit my corporate day job either. I had a deep, sinking feeling that my writing was about to give.”

He needed a way to balance working full-time, writing, and being a dad. One day, listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast, he heard about our Zero to Launch course. Though he never saw himself as an entrepreneur and was skeptical about online business, he was determined to find a way to turn his passion for writing into income.

He joined our email list and 8 days later, invested in Zero to Launch.

“I’m a writer, an introvert, and I thought I was the exact opposite of someone who’d start any type of company.

…when I heard about Zero to Launch, I saw a lifeline and reached for it.”

One of Karan’s novels

“Everybody thought this was a completely bad idea”

Karan was initially skeptical about online business. Everything he’d seen made it look either scammy (“Make $1 million overnight!”) or useless (“Be your best self!”)

But once he started Zero to Launch, he was relieved to see this course was different.

“I was struck by how logical it was. It was incredible because the way it was structured went from how to start, to how to implement, to how to execute.”

Even though he liked the program, he still had one glaring problem; the majority of his readers lived in India. His friends and family who lived there were adamant he’d never be able to sell anything to…

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