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“I started to realize that a lot of fashion designers didn’t have the computer skills they need to make it.” — Heidi

“I got my start in the industry because of my computer skills”

Heidi Marie wanted to work as a fashion designer since she was a little girl.

After graduating from college with honors and a double major, she quickly discovered the industry was cutthroat and highly competitive. So she settled for a boring administrative day job in a completely unrelated field.

Meanwhile, she spent her nights sewing and designing her own collections, slowly building a portfolio. After 3 years, she had her big break.

“I got my start in the industry because I had Adobe Illustrator on my resume along with the portfolio I created. I finally felt like my dreams had come true. I could say the words I’ve wanted to say since I was a little girl , ‘I’m a fashion designer.’”

Over the course of 10 years, Heidi worked her way from assistant designer to partner at a design firm. This experience made her come to a realization.

“I started to notice that a lot of designers coming out of fashion schools didn’t have the computer skills they need to make it.”

“I turned into a crazy person and poured hundreds of hours into creating a course”

Heidi discovered that she could teach other aspiring designers Adobe Illustrator and earn a decent side income. So she started running live workshops.

One of Heidi’s live workshops.

“I had been teaching live workshops for 5 years, running them a few times a year. The feedback was always tremendous.”

However, she didn’t feel like she was making enough of an impact.

“There were a couple of challenges with the live workshops. While students loved the material, they felt it was too much content to absorb in the 10 hours. They said a recording that they could go over and over again would’ve been helpful. “

So Heidi doubled down on creating a self-paced…

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