McCormick’s Taco Relations Director is a dream job for taco lovers

There is a new job that requires paying $100,000 to taste tacos, research tacos, photograph tacos, celebrate tacos, tweet tacos and talk about tacos. It’s not just Taco on Tuesday. Every day for four months.

Yes, this sounds like a classic Homer Simpson dream bubble, but it is actually legal. Spice company McCormick is hiring its first Taco Relations Director.The cost of the show is USD 25,000 A month Work a maximum of 20 hours per week during September, October, November and December. This is equivalent to $312.50 per hour. (Imagine the dollar sign in Homer’s dull eyes.)

No previous taco experience is required, but you must be passionate about that wonderful folding food set. Expertise in producing social media content is also a must Application Submit a video of no more than two minutes before 11:59 PM on July 20.

McCormick recommends including the following information in your video:

  • Your preferred and out-of-the-box taco recipes, taco tips and tricks, and insights as a taco connoisseur
  • Your favorite taco themed trivia and interesting facts
  • Are you a team hard shell or a team soft shell, why?
  • Your applicable taco experience, qualifications and skills
  • How do you feel about the perfect taco topping
  • Most importantly, you should be able to answer this question: Why is it your dream job to become McCormick’s Taco Relations Director?

Tasks of Taco Relations Director

If your typical day includes eating tacos with one hand and playing TikTok with the other, you are already training for this dream job. Discovering taco trends and publishing content that other taco enthusiasts will appreciate is a key task. Other responsibilities include:

  • Work with McCormick Kitchen team to develop innovative taco recipes
  • Share simple taco recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Help taco fans and followers implement these recipes at home
  • Work with McCormick’s creative and social team to celebrate National Taco Day, National Margarita Day and Taco Tuesday
  • Let taco lovers learn how to use McCormick Taco Seasoning to surpass traditional tacos
  • At least travel to McCormick’s headquarters in Hunter Valley, Maryland, and other required burritos

Click on Here More details about work and video format.

Katherine Snow Smith is the senior writer of The Penny Hoarder.

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