Make money from online sales and organize on the way


2021 is the second year of the pandemic, and most of us have probably spent a lot of time at home, realizing how much we have on hand.

When you find yourself facing chaos, there is a good solution: try to sell it! What looks old, used, or outdated to you may be precious property to others.

But to say the least, entering the world of online sales can be overwhelming. In 2021, we shared some of the best tips for selling online, from books and clothes to gift cards and photos.

9 ways to make money from online sales

To make it easier for you towards the end of the year, here is a summary of our 2021 post on making money from online sales after cleaning closets and cabinets.

1. Know where to sell online

Half of the battle of selling goods online is knowing how and where to sell. Is your project highly visual? Does it tend to have a community with it, such as old-fashioned furniture? If your answer is yes, then Instagram may be your best choice.

If you want to sell products to a wide variety of people from all over the world, websites that do charge certain seller fees, such as Amazon and eBay, may provide the greatest coverage.

If you just want to get rid of some items in the garage, try using local sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. These sites even allow to pick up the goods locally, which may make your life easier and save you two troubles-you will get rid of the items without having to do any heavy work.

We collected some information about How to sell online Global and local.

2. Master the online market

When creating a list, you should remember some simple rules. Quick summary:

  • Use a simple name for your item so that it will show up in searches-for example “table” instead of “dropleaf” or “grill” instead of the brand name.
  • Remember to always include relevant information up front-you don’t want to be bombarded with questions about what you can put in the project description.
  • Know that products sold online usually require maintenance. You must pay attention to news from interested buyers.
  • Don’t set the price too high.

Read more about Sell ​​second-hand goods online.

3. Make your items look great

The easiest — and perhaps the most critical — way to make your product stand out online is through good photography. vice versa. How many of us saw our items unsold and wondered if photos crowded with other items in the dim light could be the culprit?

Read relevant professional tips How to take photos of items for sale, Collected from online sellers who have honed their photography practices over the years. Here is an overview of what they said:

  • Find a clean background.
  • Prioritize natural daylighting rather than artificial daylighting.
  • Use props suitable for the items you want to sell, and arrange the photos carefully.
  • Take multiple photos to find the best shot-don’t just take one and end up.

4. Create a thoughtful customer experience

If you run an online boutique, instead of simply selling one-off items online, you may want to consider how to show your products to buyers.

Creating dynamic packaging and interactive experiences for each product is of great help in creating repeat customers.

Read these Online retail packaging tips Learn from the experts how everything from confetti to free logo stickers builds brand loyalty and keeps people coming back.

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5. Unload the contents of the closet

Flipping through your wardrobe and picking out the items you are going to give up can be daunting-are we really ready? To make matters worse, taking pictures, choosing prices, and waiting for someone to bite your old clothes can cause anxiety.

But there are some ways to do this successfully.

Start by knowing which website to use. Are you more like a Poshmark person or a ThredUP gal? Is Tradesy the right choice for you?You plan to Upgraded clothes Before selling them?

Read our article to learn how Sell ​​clothes online Figure out how to get the most benefit for your clothes.

6. Is the bookshelf overflowing?Sale time

We have all seen the pile of things for $1 in second-hand bookstores. Maybe you think your old books will be downgraded to that state, and it is almost impossible to break even when they are sold.

However, if you know where to view your books online, this may not be the case.

There are Amazon and Etsy, yes, but have you heard of AbeBooks and Decluttr?Read a roundup of places we can visit Sell ​​used books online And important tips that can help you clean up some of the space on these shelves.

7. Sell your photos

Those casual iPhone photos you collected? You can make the most of them.

If your artistic Instagram has received compliments or feels like an up-and-coming photographer, it may be time to try to make money from these talents.

The question is where to sell and how each site works. For example, are you willing to earn a certain percentage of royalties or pay for the website?

We have collected tips to help you Sell ​​photos online And choose the option that suits you.

8. Get rid of those old gift cards-cash!

We never thought we would say it, but there are too many gift cards.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or ability to consume them all. So why not get the money back for them and let others enjoy all the fun?We listed the simplest Ways to sell gift cards. It turns out that there are many applications specifically designated for this purpose.

9. Ask Nextdoor for a second opinion

Nextdoor may be a site’s trash can fire, but it can also come in handy when you suspect that you paid too much for something or did not pay enough for an item you are trying to sell.

Polling your neighbors (actually people who live near you) on Nextdoor is a great way to get an idea of ​​the overall temperature. Byt want some Next door comment, You might save money in the end!

The writer Elizabeth Djinis is a contributor to The Penny Hoarder and often writes articles about selling goods online through social platforms. Her work has appeared in “Youth Fashion”, “Smithsonian Magazine” and “Tampa Bay Times”.


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