Looking back on the past two weeks

When the eldest brother tried to stuff your toy car. 😉

Kierstyn is obsessed with makeup… somehow she found my mascara and took it to town!

She also likes playing with dirt!

I was asked to record some videos and interviews for Focus on the Family Parenting with love as the center.

Because I was still breastfeeding Kierstyn and I needed to fly to Colorado Springs for the night, Jesse and I decided to take Kierstyn and Baby D together.

This is the first time we fly with two lap babies and we have learned a lot from this experience (for example, unless there is an empty seat, you can’t sit in the same row-because there is only one extra oxygen mask per Row. This caused a lot of last-minute scrambles and unsatisfactory seats on the flight there.)

But we made it work, it’s a memory, of course!

Overall, she performed well in the two-day 8-hour flight (4 different flights). This popular book is one of her favorite airplane toys.

During the three hours of Focus on the Family, I like to record broadcast interviews in multiple studios + multiple different video interviews. I am very happy to be able to share love-centered parenting information and how God has changed my life and our family in the past 4 years.

Every time we go to Colorado Springs, I always marvel at its beauty!

When we were in Colorado Springs (where they lived), we also went to spend a few hours with Jesse’s sister and her family.

Kierstyn likes to spend time with her cousins.

We love showing the mountains to Kierstyn and Baby D for the first time!

Then it went back home on the plane!

Try to expend as much energy as possible before boarding.

I tried to document the fact that we have a row of empty seats so that we can sit together-but this is the best photo I have ever taken with two wiggling children!

Baby D has made an appointment at Complex Care Clinic and everything looks great! He gained weight and made great progress. He brought a lot of joy to our family! I can’t believe we have had him for almost 4 1/2 months!

On Saturday and Sunday, Silas once again hosted a baseball game. So we spent a lot of time sitting on the sidelines and cheering for him.

It rained heavily during part of the game, and we are very grateful that we set up the tent!

We celebrated Baby D’s birthday and tried to incorporate as much of his culture’s traditions as possible. We had a great time playing Piñata.

He was very excited sitting in the candy-even if he couldn’t eat it! We also bought tamales and tres leches cakes from a local restaurant.

He can eat a little cake and whipped cream (he is trying to learn to swallow… He can only make a little puree now, he still gets all the feed and medicine through the whole process. The feeding tube. But he is slowly making progress, we are right This is very encouraging!)

We also made a chocolate cake and let him smash it-he had a great time. I got some of the best photos, but all of them have his face. For privacy reasons, we will not share his face online. But I hope I can tell you!

The past week was spent in a very unexpected way-including Go to Kierstyn’s emergency care, doctor’s office and hospital. For most of my week, I just hugged her, trying to comfort her and take care of her. She was ill for a few days, but we are very grateful that she has almost completely returned to her normal self!

(you can Read more here and here Details. Thanks to those who heard about her illness on Instagram and prayed for her. This is a reminder to cherish every day. )

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