Legitimate Health Coverage With Strings Attached

If you’ve ever heard of Medi-Shareyou might be intrigued by its promises to cover your health care costs.

Curious? We looked into the details to find out how Medi-Share works — and whether it’s a good option. Here’s our review of the program.

What Is Medi-Share?

Medi-Share is a health-care sharing ministry, administered by Christian Care Ministry and made up of members united by their faith.

This program and similar medical-sharing ministries rely on their members to take care of one another through financial contributions, as well as prayer.

The details work much like typical health insurance. Like having a deductible, members choose an amount they’ll contribute as a household (their Annual Household Portion, or AHP) before they can submit bills to the community for payment assistance.

A monthly share payment works like a premium, ensuring your eligibility for assistance, should you need it.

There’s no guarantee your medical expenses will be covered through Medi-Share, and there are plenty of exemptions to consider before you apply.

But if you can follow their rules and you are healthy — many preventative screenings are not covered nor are mental health services — you may want to consider this alternative to traditional health insurance.

How Much Does Medi-Share Cost?

First, the upfront costs: It costs $50 to apply, and you’ll pay a $120 one-time member fee with your first monthly payment. You’ll pay another one-time fee of $2 to set up your “sharing account.”

As for your monthly payment options, Medi-Share’s system is sort of like choosing a health insurance deductible and monthly premium.

As an example, we calculated costs for a 30-year-old woman in Florida seeking membership for herself only. Share amounts change annually, based on the oldest member of the household.

If she chooses a $12,000 Annual Household Portion — the amount of medical bills the member must pay out of pocket before being eligible for…

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