Julia Menez Earnable Rich Life story –

What if you could:

  • Take a work trip to Richard Branson’s private island … paid for by your client
  • Network with the top players in your industry … and realize your business is doing better than theirs
  • Collaborate with and be sponsored by the best brands

That’s what one of my Earnable students, Julia Menez, has been able to do as she’s transitioned from a job as an actuary to running her own travel business, Geobreeze Travel.

I’m excited to share her story with you. First, I want to show you three ways that owning her own business has allowed Julia to live her Rich Life.

A free trip to Richard Branson’s private island

Julia’s trip to Richard Branson’s private island “is probably the epitome of a Rich Life,” she said. “The place where we stayed looks like a yacht on top of a hill. It’s the most luxurious thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Julia promoted Bilt, a credit card program that lets you earn points on your rent, and Bilt noticed. To thank her for driving people to their program, they invited her to a mastermind consulting session on Branson’s island in the British Virgin Islands.

“I got to hang out with points-and-miles celebrities,” Julia said. “And I got invited to be on Bilt’s advisory board going forward, as well as continuing to promote their program.”

“Different collaborations like this would not have been possible if I didn’t build out the business,” Julia said. “And a lot of that is due to the different strategies that I learned through Earnable.”

Building a network and meeting interesting people

“A lot of my Rich Life is being invited to social events and developing friendships,” Julia said.

“Having a business, I get to interact with people for my podcast,” she said. “They’re interesting and have incredible stories about the strategies they use … I get to interact with coaching clients … And I’ve also made a lot of friends through the…

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