Join us in Ecuador for a week exploring money and meaning!

Howdy, friends! This summer, I’m traveling to Ecuador to participate in my fifth chautauqua on financial independence. You should consider joining me. These Ecuador chautauquas — which are unrelated to the European chautauquas — are always a fun, educational, and bonding experience.

Clarification: At some point, chautauqua founders Cheryl Reed and JL Collins parted ways. Now JL runs the European chautauquas — which are on hiatus — with Katie and Alan Donegan. Cheryl continues to run the unrelated Ecuador gatherings. Both events are excellent.

As always, I plan to speak about the intersection of money and meaning.

How can you find a purpose in your life — with or without money? How much money is enough? What should you do after you’ve achieved financial independence? These are the sorts of questions I’ve explored at past chautauqua events. And while I haven’t yet prepared my presentation for this year, I expect these are the same questions I’ll be exploring in July.

Other speakers this year include:

  • Tanja Hester from Our Next Life. Tanja is an outspoken voice in the personal-finance community, working hard to challenge assumptions and to promote financial freedom for all. She’s the author of the excellent Work Optional and the award-winning Wallet Activism. (Tanja is also a fellow office-supply nerd. Seriously, our chat history is filled with geeky discussions of favorite pens and notebooks.)
  • Piggy and Kitty (aka Jess and Lauren) from Bitches Get Riches. Long-time readers know that BGR is one of my favorite money blogs. I admire how Jess and Lauren blend biting humor with deep dives into personal-finance topics. Not an easy task. And the Bitches are just as funny in person as they are on the web. (I turn to Piggy and Kitty when I need help with modern pop culture. “What does S-tier mean?” “How do I make a Taylor Swift animated GIF?”)
  • Jessica and Corey from The Fioneers. While I’ve met Jessica and Corey, I’ve never really had a chance to get…

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