Is the Automated Neobank Right for You?


In the span of two and a half years self-described “bad saver” Matt Wiley managed to save $4,300 without thinking about it.

“It feels weird saying ‘I saved,’ because I really didn’t do anything,” he said.

Despite being an editor at The Penny Hoarder at the time, Wiley admitted he’d never been good at putting money away.

“I don’t have a good reason for why it has been difficult, other than I’ve never been good at forcing myself to put money aside to not touch.”

In early 2015, Wiley heard about a money app called Digit from one of his wife’s friends, who was already using it to build savings. Since its early days as the automated savings app that turned Wiley into a bonafide saver, Digit has expanded a lot to cover more than just savings needs.

How did Digit help this bad saver stash away more than $4,000 and can it do the same for you? In our Digit app review, we’ll cover everything the app has to offer to help you save, invest and manage your money all in one place — with, let’s be honest, the least amount of work possible.

Digit App Review: Accounts

In this 2022 review, we’re looking at the app’s full suite of features, including spending and savings accounts, investing, and money management tools.

When you sign up for Digit, you can choose just its saving feature, or you can open a Digit Direct account to access savings, checking and investing with automated money management features.

Digit Direct Checking

Best for Automated Money Management

Key Features

  • AI budgeting for savings and bills
  • Automated savings
  • Fee-free low-balance protection

Digit Direct is a smart bank account that automatically sets aside money for your bills, saves for your goals based on what you can spare, invests for your future and shows you what’s available to spend. The account is all online and backed by MetaBank. You ‘ll get a Visa debit card for everyday spending, and the app puts your bill cache in its own…


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