Is SodaStream Cost Effective? We Did the Math for You

SodaStream and a can of soda water are pictured side by side.

Is it cheaper to buy a SodaStream over canned seltzer water? The short answer: It depends on how much you drink. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

Like many people, I am obsessed with sparkling water. What was an addiction to Diet Coke changed when I started making healthier choices and discovered the deliciousness that is LaCroix.

Before I knew it, I was going through two to three cans per day. Unfortunately, my wallet was feeling the strain.

I shopped around to find the best deals, and eventually purchased a SodaStream to see if it would be a cheaper and more efficient way to feed my addiction. Here’s what I found out.

The Cost of SodaStream

If a canister lasts me three weeks, that means I’m replacing them about 18 times per year if I consistently drink a large quantity of sparkling water. That’s a total annual cost of $270 for the canisters, plus the initial cost of $99.99 plus tax .Total annual cost: About $370.

The most basic SodaStream model costs $99.99 from Target (as of July 2022), though you may be lucky enough to find one on sale. It comes with a full CO2 canister and a plastic carbonating bottle. (You can get a better model with a one-touch button for $129.99, but the extra cost wasn’t worth it to me.) With the model I chose, I have to push down on a button several times depending on the level of fizziness you want to achieve. (That’ d be five for me because I love fizz.)

The cost of the water was negligible because I tap water that I already pay for in my city utilities bill.

The CO2 canister lasted me about three weeks with fairly continual use. After that, I took the empty canister back to Target’s Guest Services and exchanged it for a full one. Doing this saves you money — up to 50%, according to Target. When I traded…

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