Is Amazon Prime Worth It? Here’s a Look at Costs, Benefits

An Amazon Prime membership has become a staple for many households, with an estimated 157.4 million subscribers in the United States. Still, the price of an Amazon Prime membership has risen over the years, costing up to $180 per year ($139 if you pay annually ).

Amazon Prime includes access to a vast wealth of features, but whether the service is worth it comes down to whether you use what’s available. We’ll look at the cost of a membership and everything that comes with it to determine whether Amazon Prime is worth it for you and your household.

What Is Amazon Prime?

The world’s largest e-commerce giant, Amazon offers its customers a collection of additional features and deals through a subscription program known as Amazon Prime.

When Amazon Prime launched in 2005, its primary focus was to offer customers free two-day shipping, but today, the program includes many more features.

As we take a closer look at Amazon Prime, we’ll inspect each of the included features and services, so you can decide if a subscription suits you and your household.

What Does Amazon Prime Cost?

Amazon Prime costs $14.99 a month or $139 a year, but new members can test Prime with a 30-day free trial before committing. Those who canceled their Amazon Prime membership and haven’t been members for at least 12 months can also retry Prime with a free one-month trial.

College students and individuals on qualified government assistance can receive 50% discounts on their Prime membership thanks to discount programs from Amazon. College students also receive an extended six-month free trial before payment is required.

For those on qualified government assistancesuch as SNAP or Medicaid, you’ll need to upload a photo of your EBT card or eligibility letter to Amazon.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime was once a straightforward subscription service that offered two-day shipping. Now, Amazon offers up a collection of Prime benefits, from fast…

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