Inexpensive Cuts of Meat to Wow Your Guests This Holiday Season

The holidays are here.

Twinkling lights and glittering displays, gift giving and cookie exchangeshot cocoa and holiday movies, festive feasts and delicious eats — it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But, it’s also the most expensive time of the year. Between buying gifts for loved ones, traveling to see family, attending various holiday functions, the last thing we want to spend extra money on is the Christmas Roast. While we adore seeing friends and Celebrating the season, the combination of more holiday gatherings and higher grocery prices this winter can be a big stressor.

That’s why we’re here to help with your holiday dinner. Want to impress your guests within a budget? We’ve got recipes for five inexpensive cuts of meat that will not only wow your family and friends, but save you money this holiday season .

Inexpensive Cuts of Meat for Your Holiday Meals

Beef Brisket and Chuck Roast

Although many people feel that they need to pull out all the stops with expensive beef dishes like short ribs or beef tenderloin, others can be just as flavorful for a fraction of the price.

Among our list of inexpensive cuts of meat: Brisket and chuck roast.

According to the US Department of Agriculturethe average price of chuck roast is $6.73 per pound, while short ribs come in around $10.50 per pound for much less meat. Brisket is significantly cheaper than buying a beef tenderloin, with the former costing $6.61 per pound on average and the latter ranging anywhere from $15-30 per pound.

Brisket is the breast of the cow, while chuck comes from the shoulder. Both are made up of more muscle fibers and connective tissues than the back half of the cow, making them tougher cuts of meat — and therefore cheaper.

But, just like your toughest in-laws at the holidays, these cuts just need a little extra time and care to yield the best results.

For tangy, tender, fall-apart meat, use a braising method for your brisket like this Tangy Brisket…

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