If this Christmas is hard


I saw this lovely picture of five children wearing Christmas jam. This is the best we got.

But I think this is a perfect example of how life often does not go as smoothly as we expect or imagine. This Christmas, I have been thinking of many people who think that Christmas is just bittersweet…or maybe sadness.

I think of foster children separated from their parents and family this year.

I think of the women who wrote to me in the past few weeks, who lost their husbands this year.

I think of unmarried followers who think they will definitely share this Christmas with someone special.

I think of those families who are financially struggling. They are really unable to do a lot for Christmas this year.

I think of the mothers who lost their babies this year, and the women who desperately hope for a healthy pregnancy.

I think of couples whose marriages are on the verge of divorce, or the sad people whose spouse has done something to them this year for someone or other things.

I think of families who have been estranged from their loved ones. They are willing to pay any price to celebrate with them this year—even just to hear some news from them.

I think of those who receive chemotherapy, those who are waiting for a difficult diagnosis, those in chronic pain, those who take care of dying relatives.

I just want you to know that if you are struggling with sadness, heartache or disappointment this Christmas, I will see you. I stop to miss you, to hurt you, to pray for you. You are not forgotten.

If you have had a wonderful Christmas, I am excited for you! But remember to look around and show some extra love and kindness to those who feel like “the best time of the year” about Christmas. This world can use more kindness, empathy and compassion.

PS If you are struggling this Christmas, I am honored to stop and pray for you. Just leave a comment on this article or send me a message with your name and/or special request, and I will take the time to pray for you this week. Even in your pain and darkness, I hope you know that you are loved.


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