I want to send you a free signed bookplate!


My new book, The Time-Saving Momofficially releases to the world next week (March 7, 2023)!

Some of you have asked about getting signed copies, so I have something special for you all today! I want to send as many of you as I can a completely free signed bookplate sticker in the mail. You can stick this in the inside of your book when it comes in and you’ll have yourself a signed copy!

If you’ve been on the fence about pre-ordering, today is the day to order! Not only can you get my Make Over Your Year Course completely free after you pre-order (just scroll down on this page here and fill out the form to get access!), but you can also get a completely free signed book plate — while supplies last!

How to Get a Free Signed Bookplate Sticker From Me:

Want to get in on this special offer? Here’s how to get a free signed bookplate sticker:

1. Pre-order a copy of The Time-Saving Mom from any retailer except Baker Book House. (If you pre-ordered weeks ago or just pre-ordered today, you qualify!

Note: Baker Book House orders should come with a free bookplate. If, for some reason, you ordered from Baker Book House and your book arrives without a signed bookplate in it, send me an email and I’ll get one sent to you!

2. Send a copy of your invoice to me (moneysavingmom@gmail.com) — you can take a screenshot or forward the invoice.

3. Include your name and mailing address so I can mail it to you! That’s it! I’ll send out signed bookplates as many people as I possibly can — while supplies last!

4. Make sure to also scroll down and fill out this form here to get free access to Make Over Your Year.

THANK YOU so much for supporting this book launch! You have no idea how much it means to me — and how much of a difference it makes for marketing and sales for you all to be pre-ordering the book!

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