I Refuse to Sign My Boyfriend’s $5,000/Month Mortgage. Am I Wrong?

Dear Penny,

My boyfriend’s mother passed away in April 2022. In 2000, she refinanced her deceased mother’s brownstone. She had her name and her two adult sons’ names on the deed. At some point, the house went into pre-foreclosure. but this time, she had to remove her sons’ names from the deed.

In 2022, his mom was in and out of the hospital. At one point, she was released from the hospital and doing well. I created a list of financial questions my boyfriend needed to ask his mother while she was in recovery. of the above information regarding the deed at the time.

Later on, I realized he hadn’t approached his mother about her finances. It’s been eight months since his mother’s passing, and the mortgage lender has proceeded with foreclosure. He signed an agreement with the lender saying he will refinance the home. worked in construction on occasion but has no pay stubs to show. He asked me to refinance the home in my name and connected me to a lender.

The monthly mortgage would be $5,000. He doesn’t make enough to pay for the electricity bill, water, etc. I do not make that much. The lender was saying that I have a great credit score, which made my boyfriend happy. decided not to sign off on any paperwork and told my boyfriend that I don’t make that kind of money.

Although I have my own apartment, I’ve been staying with him from the time leading up to his mother’s passing. I recently found out my landlord will not renew my lease. At the same time, I got a job offer that will be three hours from where I live. I had a conversation with him last week about us finding an apartment upstate and having a fresh start elsewhere. He refused to hear me and became upset, saying that I am going to make him homeless because I won’t refinance his home.

I asked him whether there are other options. He said the options are to refinance or sell, and he has made it clear since the beginning that he…

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