How to Use Google Pay

No need to whip out your wallet at the store anymore. Google Pay will get this one, just tap your phone or smart watch at a supported payment terminal. Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment platform that enables you to make online or in- store purchases using your Android smartphone or watch.

Setting up Google Pay on your favorite Android device is easy and offers other features, such as sending or receiving money from family and friends, the potential to earn rewards and save money on purchases.

What Is Google Pay?

Google Pay — or G Pay — has gone by a few names, including Android Pay for a short stint, but the concept has remained the same. Using Google Pay, you can buy groceries, pick up school clothes and get that new TV online or at stores that accept contactless payments.

Rather than digging through your wallet or bag for a physical card, you can tap your smartphone or watch, pay for your purchase and get on with your busy day. Best of all, many retailers accept contactless payments.

Is Google Pay Safe?

When it comes to your credit or debit card information, you want to make sure that it remains safe. A convenient tap-to-pay service isn’t worth much if your sensitive banking information gets breached. With Google Pay, your device sends a virtual account number to the payment terminal, not your actual card number, which remains secure. Any card information that is saved to your Google Account is encrypted and stored on Google’s private servers.

Unlike your wallet, your phone can be locked down like a vault. Not just anyone can pick up your smartphone and access your info if you have a PIN, pattern or biometric unlock — such as a fingerprint — to use Google Pay.

How to Use Google Pay

Before you start using Google Pay’s contactless payment feature, make sure your Android smartphone is compatible and sports the necessary hardware. iPhones are not compatible with Google Pay’s tap-to-pay function, but can use Apple Pay,…

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