How to Stop Porch Pirates From Taking Your Holiday Packages

Thanks mostly to Jack Sparrow, we have come to romanticize the idea of ​​pirates.

But pirates are thieves, and they do not work exclusively on sailing ships or in port towns.

They operate in your neighborhood as porch pirates, who steal packages dropped off by the popular delivery services such as Amazon, Walmart and other big retailers.

There are ways to stop these porch pirates so that you can shop electronically in peace, knowing your package will reach you safely and securely.

7 Ways to Stop Porch Pirates Once and for All

A study by Safewise found that in 2022, 79% of online shoppers had been victims of package theft in the calendar year, an estimated loss of $19.5 billion.

Of those polled shoppers, 35% said they had precautionary security camera or video doorbell technology available to them at the time of the theft. (And 17% caught the thief on camera).

A total of 8% of surveyed said they had a lockbox or package delivery locker in place.

Porch pirates inspired 26% of people to install a home security system after a theft, the Safewise study reported, and nearly half of porch pirate victims rallied neighbors to help protect packages in their neighborhood.

Want to protect yourself from porch pirates? We’ve got seven tips.

1. Make Delivery Requests

Some online ordering systems allow you to make delivery requests, like putting the package in a secure area. Making a request doesn’t guarantee that it will be met, but you may be surprised at how attentive delivery people are when dropping off your goods. “Leave on basement steps” or “upstairs neighbor can sign” are simple instructions that can help ensure your package gets to you.

If you happen to run into your regular local USPS, UPS or FedEx carrier, you may be able to make requests in person. But keep in mind that your neighborhood delivery person may already have the best intel on which bushes are ideal for concealing.. .

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