How to Stay Safe Online in 2023

The coming of a new year signs a chance for all of us to take charge of our finances with renewed vigor. And in a world where we spend a good part of our time online, we also want to be smart when it comes to internet safety .

To help you achieve a state of internet bliss, we’ve gathered our top articles to keep you safe online. From managing your passwords to securely surfing the web, we’ve got recommendations and internet safety tips for all. Here’s how to stay safe online in 2023.

Securing Your Passwords

When it comes to internet safety, your passwords are the keys to your digital kingdom. Start by storing your passwords in a secure password manager.

Using a password manager, you can keep your passwords in one safe spot. Check out our favorite password managers to find an option that works for your digital life.

Use a strong password, and avoid any bad password habits (such as using the same password for multiple accounts). Turning on additional security features such as Two-factor authentication is highly recommended for sensitive accounts such as your bank account.

And, if you need to share access to passwords with family and friends, be sure to share passwords securely and maintain internet safety.

Secure Logins with Face ID

Passwords are great, but if you have an iPhone or iPad, you may wonder if Face ID is secure enough to access sensitive accounts and maintain a high level of internet safety.

Face ID is Apple’s biometric security solution that uses a 3D model of your face as a password — it is the evolution of Touch ID, which uses fingerprint identification.

Be sure to read our guide on Face IDin which we discuss how safe the solution is for everyday use, as well as for sensitive financial information such as bank logins.

Surfing the Web Safely

We spend plenty of time online, so ensure you surf with internet safety in mind.

If you commonly use public Wi-Fi or have concerns about others eavesdropping on your internet…

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