How to Sign Up for 2023 Affordable Care Act Health Insurance

If you need health insurance, now is the time to act.

Open enrollment, your annual opportunity to pick a health plan for next year, opened Nov. 1 and runs through Jan. 15 for the federal marketplace at and most state exchanges.

This 11-week period is the only time you can sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act unless you later have a qualifying life event, such as getting married or divorced.

Enrollment in the marketplace plans hit a record high last year of 14.5 milliona roughly 21% increase over the prior year, according to a report by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Who Can Enroll in a Health Care Marketplace Plan?

Marketplace health insurance is available only to US citizens and legal residents.

Coverage is aimed at people who can’t get health insurance through their employer.

That can include part-time employees, freelancers, gig workers, college students, independent contractors, people who are self-employed or unemployed and early retirees under 65, among others.

It’s not intended for those covered by government programs such as Medicaid, MedicareTricare or CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan).

While you can technically sign up for a marketplace plan if your employer offers health insurance, sticking with your employer-sponsored coverage will likely be your cheapest option.

That’s because money-saving premium subsidies are only available to workers whose employer coverage is deemed “unaffordable” — that is, your share of the monthly premium in the lowest-cost plan is more than 9.12% of your household income in 2023.

How to Sign Up for ACA Health Insurance

Start by going to From the home page, you can either enroll in coverage for the first time, view your existing plan or compare plans.

If you’re already enrolled in a plan, it will renew automatically. But experts suggest visiting the website to update your information and shop around for plans. You might…

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