How to Set Up an Alexa Smart Home on a Budget

Turning to a virtual assistant and asking it to dim the lights or turn up the thermostat was once a vision of the distant future. Now, automating your home is merely a truth of today’s world. But can you create a smart home without destroying your wallet ?

Prices on smart home gadgets, including smart plugs, smart lights, smart doorbells and smart thermostats, have decreased. We’ll walk you through our favorite budget picks and guide you on how to get started on your budget smart home.

Just remember to be nice to your virtual assistant. We don’t want a repeat of Disney’s 1999 movie “Smart House.” That just wouldn’t be much fun.

What Is a Smart Home?

Before diving too deep into things, we should discuss what constitutes a smart home. The term “smart home” is a loosely defined buzzword, but in our particular case, we’re referring to homes with some level of technical automation.

If that sounds complex, don’t run away just yet — it’s easy, we promise! A modern-day smart home tends to connect common household fixtures, such as lights, plugs and doorbells, to the internet. Once they are connected, you can control them in various ways.

One of the most popular options for controlling home appliances is with your voice using a virtual assistant, such as Alexa, Google or Siri. However, you’ll also be able to control such devices from your smartphone or tablet with ease.

Which Smart Home Assistant Should I Choose?

When you’ve decided to assemble a smart home, you’ll first need to select a home assistant and smart speaker to help you control it all.

But picking an assistant is more than just selecting your favorite voice. Each assistant will enable access to different smart home gadgets, such as a smart plug.

The top three assistants are Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. For this guide, we will focus on Alexa. The ecosystem of available devices for Alexa is not only large but also cheap and…

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