How to set a realistic budget for Christmas shopping

Insider: Christmas shopping can easily get out of control. Learn how to set a Christmas budget so that you can become a good budget without burdening debt.

You need a budget, especially at Christmas. This is how to set a Christmas budget for your family!

To set a Christmas budget, decide that you can afford this Christmas

Knowing how to set a Christmas budget depends on the price you can afford. How much do you make every month? Now subtract all expenses? How much is left? How much do you think can be used for gifts?

There are no magic numbers for how much money should be spent on Christmas. Every family has different budgets and different situations. However, be reasonable. Don’t get into debt just to buy gifts.

After finding the phone number that suits you, Write it down and stick to it. If you want to buy something special for your family members, but the price exceeds your budget, you can wait for it to go on sale or propose a new plan. And don’t be so mean to yourself.

Avoid falling into “The perfect Christmas myth. “If your kids don’t list everything, they’ll be fine. Don’t exceed the budget because you are trying to make the vacation perfect. And it’s by no means a bad idea. Teach kids a holiday budget.

If your budget is lower than your budget, please consider Ways you can make more money for Christmas.

Our best tips for keeping a budget during Christmas

To set a Christmas budget and stick to it, try the following tips…

Simple gift giving

When it comes to my extended family, we have been doing Secret Santa-style gift exchanges for many years. This not only reduces the amount of money you need to spend, but it also reduces the pressure of bringing out a thoughtful gift for every uncle and cousin you only meet twice a year.

List and stick to it

Once you have determined your gift-giving strategy, you will know exactly for whom you need to buy gifts. Create a list of names and determine how much budget you can allocate to each person. Based on your list, you can start brainstorming gifts to fit your budget.

Provide experience, not things

If you have trouble deciding what gift to give for Christmas, please remember, Give experience, Not something. Experience is meaningful, then things and the memories you create from a good experience can truly last a lifetime. Gift cards to museums, amusement parks or fine restaurants are great gift ideas.

How to save money on Christmas gifts to keep your budget

In gift giving and Holiday entertainment, Christmas may become expensive. This is why you should set a Christmas budget. However, in addition, there are some gift-giving tips to help you save your budget:

Follow the four gift rules

When it comes to gift giving, keep it simple. There are many super fun gift-giving strategies that allow you to celebrate the tradition of gift-giving without spending a lot of money. My child is still very young, but we have started to practice the following four gift rules:

  • What you want
  • What you need
  • Things you will wear
  • Something you will read

This is a great strategy that can help you save your budget when shopping for Christmas gifts.

Give a gift card

Yes, you can argue that gift cards are not super thoughtful or meaningful gifts. All I know is that I prefer gift cards to ugly sweaters or smelly candles. In addition, gift cards are a great way to save your budget. All you have to do is choose an amount, or allocate an amount that fits your budget. No need to wait for sales or overspend.

Homemade gifts for Christmas

Are you a super art, a great baker or a carpenter genius? Then consider offering homemade gifts to help you save money and stick to your Christmas budget.

There are reasons why online markets like Etsy are so popular. This is because there is a demand for beautiful homemade products. However, if your creativity involves glue sticks, macaroni and glitter, then this may not be a trick to save your budget!

Advantages of year-round shopping

If you are a planner, this strategy may be useful to you. Although it is strange to start thinking about Christmas shopping in March or April, there are many advantages to Christmas shopping throughout the year compared to saving all Christmas in November or December. Therefore, start celebrating Christmas in July and get some financial and emotional benefits from it.

If you can shop for Christmas gift ideas throughout the year, then doing so has many main advantages:

It’s easier to stick to the Christmas budget

Can you even imagine that there is no last-minute panic shopping during the Christmas holidays? Even if you set a Christmas budget, it can easily be blown away when this happens.

When you break up during Christmas months or even a whole year, you can make a plan. You can shop when you know the product is on sale, or you can spend some time saving the product before buying.This can help you Avoid getting into a lot of debt At Christmas time.

According to Statista titled “American Christmas season“The average American wants to spend $846 on Christmas gifts. If this is correct for you, divide it by twelve months and you can set a monthly budget of $70.50.

Shopping early means you can avoid the crowds

Although 64% of American consumers buy gifts online, many of us will also find ourselves in shopping malls during the holidays. And, in my personal opinion, there is nothing worse than a crowded shopping mall during Christmas. Everyone seems to be very grumpy, and the holidays are also very cheerful. no, thank you.

Can bring more thoughtful Christmas gifts

When you have a list of people who need to buy gifts, it takes a few months to spend some time thinking about some more thoughtful gifts. This is the opposite of regular last-minute shopaholics, in which case you will think of something that will bring a nice gift to your nephew or cousin.

It can reduce the stress of the holiday

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some time to relax around the holidays? How would it feel to sit in a cup of hot coffee or a glass of wine on December 23 instead of looking for the last gift of Christmas in a crowded store?

When you shop all year round, you don’t need to find a parking space with others in the mall. You can take some time to relax and truly immerse yourself in the spirit of the holiday.

You can shine financially

In December, it’s all fun and fun, but if you spend too much money during your holidays, then January can be really annoying. When you buy Christmas gifts throughout the year, you can start in January and focus on achieving all the New Year resolutions without having to wait for the dreaded holiday credit card bill.

Don’t forget to budget for Christmas gifts for each family member

If you like the idea of ​​buying Christmas gifts throughout the year, it’s still a good idea to set a Christmas budget. Just as you might overspend at the last minute of Christmas, you can also overspend at Christmas when you shop throughout the year if you don’t plan.

Remember what Christmas is all about

This Christmas, you can buy holiday gifts throughout the year, so as to give yourself more time, less stress and less debt gifts! This strategy will allow you to focus on the things that really make the holiday special-people, traditions and memories!

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-By Jessica Martel (Jessica Martel)

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