How to Save Money on Everyday Stuff

What’s in a name? A lot actually.

We often default to certain brands when shopping simply because of the name on the package — and the reputation that comes along with it, thanks to clever advertising.

We buy Bounty paper towels because they’re the “quicker picker-upper” and Frosted Flakes because “they’re gr-r-reat.”

But on the shelves next to those items you can often find a comparable store-brand version that costs less — sometimes significantly less. We often refer to these as generic products. Sometimes these rival versions are even made in the same manufacturing facilities and have little to no noticeable differences.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a store-brand product or your favorite name brand is a subjective one. There’s trial and error involved, and in some cases you might land right back on the premium paper towels because you find that they really do pick more up, and quicker.

But before your next shopping trip, it’s worth considering how much money you could save if you take a few name brand items off your list.

Comparing the Cost of Store Brand vs. Name Brand

We visited two stores — Publix (a southeastern grocery store chain) and Walmart — to do a little price comparison. Walmart’s store brand is Great Value.

(Note: Prices were sourced on July 13, 2022, at stores located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sales tax was not factored into this example.)

Store Brand Vs. Name Brand

Product Store Brand at Publix Name Brand at Publix Store Brand at Walmart Name Brand at Walmart
Chocolate sandwich cookies $2.99 $5.49 (Oreos) $2.38 $4.28 (Oreos)
Peanut Butter $3.09 3.38 (Peter Pan) $1.74 $2.34 (Peter Pan)
Cereal $2.65 $4.98 (Cheerios) $1.34 $3.48 (Cheerios)
Cheddar cheese $3.89 $4.69 (Kraft) $2.22 $4.98 (Kraft)
Diet cola, 12 pack $4.49 $7.49 (Diet Coke) $3.68 $6.48 (Diet Coke)
Body Wash $7.99 (18 ounces) $8.15 (Dove, 22 ounces) $5.97 $6.97 (Dove)
Adult pain relief pills $6.99 $10.55 (Extra-strength Tylenol) Source link

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